BREAKING: NUS referendum reaches quoracy with two days of voting to go

Tom Richardson 25 May 2016

The referendum on whether Cambridge should disaffiliate from the NUS has passed 21.38% turnout, beyond the 10% voting quora, CUSU Coordinator Jemma Stewart tweeted Wednesday.

Concerns had been raised that, even if a majority voted in favour of disaffiliation, the motion would fail due to traditionally poor turnout in exam term elections.

However, the result of the referendum will not be known until it ends on Friday. 10% of students are still required to vote in favour of disaffiliation for the motion to pass. 

The strong turnout comes on the back of increased engagement recently, with the referendum on appointing a full-time disabled students officer drawing the largest referendum turnout ever.

Voting will close Friday 27th May at 4pm, with results expected immediately.

This story is breaking, and may be updated.