BREAKING: Vinyl Set To Renovate… Again

Sophie Huskisson 1 April 2019
Image Credit: Facebook VINYL Cambridge

Following a difficult term of ticket sales, newly renovated Vinyl has announced that it is to revamp… again. The club, known as ‘Life’ by students of Cambridge, went through a full renovation process in summer 2018. The previously dark and dingy ‘Kuda’ was set to be transformed into a fresh disco nightclub. However, its highly anticipated Lola Lo’s-esque light up dancefloor and new-found layout was met with more criticism than praise at its opening in September 2018.

The club’s decision to move to a disco theme was thoroughly misjudged, from its predictable rainbow dance floor to generic renaming. It now aims to engage in a geographical theme, as opposed to a genre based one. Comparable to the Hawaiian feel of Lola Lo’s or Moroccan vibes of Fez, Vinyl is rumoured to adopt a Mexican theme. A spokesperson for the club said they want a more “mysterious ambience”, and that “it was time to embrace the basement setting for its secrecy and enigma.”

Vinyl has been heavily criticised for being too busy – a prospect which seemed impossible to achieve when considered against its previously overflowing predecessor, Kuda. A college rep in communication with the club reported that, despite the actual space being the same size, the adding of an extra fire exit door had allowed the capacity of the club to legally be increased. The new railed dance floor, however, has resulted in people being trapped in confined pockets in the club, making it more claustrophobic than ever.

The upcoming refurbishment is said to be on a smaller scale than the first one, with the layout staying relatively the same. However, bigger tasks include the pushing back of the DJ booth, the adjustment of the rainbow dance floor to a shimmered black one, and the removal of the mirrored ceiling and railings around the main area.

The club is most known for hosting the event ‘Life’ which occurs on Fridays and Sundays. ‘Life’ managed to survive the initial rebranding of the club, but other past relationships with events, such as those with Turf, quickly disintegrated. The downward spiral for Vinyl hit when, in Lent term, sales for ‘Life’ too started to dwindle. The resolution for Vinyl was offering £1 entry tickets with a free VK for one month. A college rep reported that sales largely increased in this time, but did drop again when the deal ended.

TCS asked some students their opinion of Vinyl’s new design when its refurbishment was first completed. One student called the hair dryers and straighteners in the girls’ toilets “excessive” and “confusing”, whilst another said “the mirrors on the ceiling make the club too light for drunk antics”. Students also found fault with the “unnecessarily large DJ booth” and the removal of Kuda’s resident hotdog stand.

If we can take one thing from the imminent revamp of the revamped Vinyl, it’s that if you complain enough, you can always get your way in the end. The club is due to shut for one month immediately following May week. Get ready to wave goodbye to the rainbows and mirrors and say hello to the sombreros!