Breathalysers to be used in 20 Cambridge pubs and clubs

Sam Rhodes 27 March 2015

There will soon be another step to a night out, as breathalysers are being introduced to 20 pubs and clubs in Cambridge. The trial scheme hopes to help bouncers spot dangerously drunk individuals and provide them support when denying entry.

The scheme also aims to lower rates of alcohol related crime, which constitutes half of all violent crime. Similar trials in other parts of the country have reduced the number of disorders at pubs and clubs by a third.

Funding for the scheme is being provided by Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Graham Bright, who said, "The trend these days is for people to "preload" with alcohol at home before heading out. The result of this can be that people are very drunk towards the end of the evening putting themselves and others at risk … I hope this scheme will help reduce the number of people who get into trouble as a result of their drinking."

Cambridgeshire County Council also hopes to reduce binge drinking, giving cards offering advice on cutting down on alcohol use to those turned away by clubs.

One first year at Emmanual College, Elsa Maishman, supported the scheme, saying “Bouncers get a lot of abuse from drunk people who think the bouncer is being 'unfair' by refusing them entry, so it would be great if there were some kind of concrete measure to support that decision, and deflect the blame away from a bouncer who is only doing their job”

However, other students were less sympathetic, with one commenting “Cindies will soon have vastly fewer patrons, as we all know, it's only fun when illegally drunk”. Another believed students would just drink in clubs, saying “This is clearly going to achieve little more than putting students out of pocket in expensive clubs and adding to already big queues”.