Bronze Age discovery at Fitz

Emily Andrews 25 January 2008

Archaeologists digging at Fitzwilliam College have found Cambridge’s first evidence of the existence of a settlement dating back 3,500 years.

Artefacts were uncovered by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit in the college grounds, during the conduction of a survey for the building of a new library.

Items recovered include flint tools, pottery, animal remains and antler working, as well as other debris scattered in a series of ditches. It is believed that they belonged to a thriving farmstead from the Bronze Age (3,500-1,100 BCE).

Archaeologists have previously unearthed Roman artefacts at nearby New Hall, and prehistorians also know of the existence of an Iron Age settlement at Castle Hill.

The Fitzwilliam site also holds a number of later remains from the Roman town established in the 1st century AD, but the Bronze Age relics are the first of the period which have been found in Cambridge.

Emily Andrews