Bucket List: Final Instalment

Freya Sanders 24 April 2014

Over the vac we've been thinking: of the many stupendous opportunities that Cambridge offers, which ones can be deemed 'unmissable'? We narrowed it down to a mere 101 of the choicest experiences; as the final term of the year approaches, how many can you tick off? If the answer is very few, drop the textbooks and get out and about. You can share photos of your adventuring with #TCSBucketList.

81. Glimpse the Trinity wine cellar
They say there are dolphins and unicorns down there.

82. Go to Michaelhouse café
The cakes are pretty special, as is the Union member discount.

83. Get some stash
In 20 years when your kids wear your Ancient Lit Soc hoody for pyjamas, you'll smile.

84. Go to a supervision under the influence
You never know, it may enhance your performance.

85. Go on the Varsity Ski Trip
Skiing optional.

86. Buy a big issue
Then talk to the seller. 

87. Take part in a flash mob
At the end of your penultimate exam, just stand up and belt out 'ONE DAY MORE'. Someone will join in. 

88. Support your college team
Football, rugby, waterpolo: who cares. Go get swept away by college pride.

89. Swim in the Jesus Green Pool
Wash off the Cam grime after a river dip.

90. Get a blue
Beg, borrow or steal.

91. Get with a blue
We've heard their muscles have muscles.

92. Buy your bedder a present
Let's face it, they've put up with a lot.

93. Attend a debate at the Union
Then give the speaker a hug.

94. Swim in the pool at Girton
There are some benefits to living an extra five minutes out of town.

95. Keep an illicit fish in your room
At the end of the year it could double up as #Number92?

96. Buy an ice cream on Silver Street Bridge
After all, the sun is coming…

97. Get – unintentionally – onto Overheard at Cambridge
Aceept it: the pretension rubs off on everyone.

98. Visit a nearby village that isn’t Girton
Fen Ditton, Babraham, Histon and Impington: there's a world of opportunity out there.

99. Write for TCS
Clearly the most productive and pleasurable form of procrastination.

100. Get a degree
What subject do I do again?

101. Take a moment to appreciate where you study

You know what? It's not that bad really is it?


Have any better ideas? Let us know #TCSBucketList