Cafe Review: Afternoon Tease

Robyn Bennett 24 November 2013

The nights are drawing in. Energy levels are low. The prospect of that week 7 essay (let alone week 8’s) is almost too much to bear… But in true Christmas spirit a new shining light has emerged to brighten up your days! Admittedly this one comes in the form of a retro neon-pink sign and there’s no baby lying in a manger (although it is remarkably close to Jesus College…), but the effect of festive cheer is much the same. 

Opened just four weeks ago on King Street, Afternoon Tease is the latest Cambridge Café, offering that much craved cake-and-coffee energy boost alongside other tasty treats.

If the playful pun is not enough to entice you in, then baked delights themselves certainly will be. Owner Jo has plenty of experience on the Cambridge scene – her bakes regularly feature at sites like the Cambridge Folk Museum and Nanna Mexico – and you can tell she knows her market! The impressive range of freshly baked fare spans from your Café staples of the chocolate brownie (here a decadent specimen: impressively deep cut and wonderfully moist in the middle) and three-tier sumptuous sponges bedecked with fruit, to exciting originals like a marmalade tea loaf (“delicious warm”) and an intriguing ‘Chocolate and Guinness Cake’. The latter, which Jo claims her showstopper, was sadly not yet iced the day we visited but a fellow customer gave a fervent recommendation!

Breakfast and lunch are also on offer from Tuesday to Friday, as well as that all-important brunch option at the weekends. There’s no “full-English” nonsense here: homemade granola with plum compote, warm banana bread with cinnamon butter, and sourdough toast with homemade jams, honey and peanut butter offer a far more sophisticated morning wakeup call!

The Café’s styling is also worthy of mention, striking a great balance between vintage and modern. I particularly loved the handwritten chalkboard menus and brown parcel tag labels. Personal touches fully reflective of the bubbly team and the cosy welcoming atmosphere.

For a big slice of delight at somewhere other than the typical tourist traps, I’d thoroughly recommend you follow that neon-pink light down to Afternoon Tease on King Street soon! You may not find the messiah himself, but the culinary gifts are certainly fit for any King.