Cafe Review: Stickybeaks

Sandy Rushton 26 November 2013

Stickybeak, noun: an inquisitive and prying person.

An apt name for this Hobson Street café: simply glancing through the vast front window and spying the chic yet cosy interior makes you want to goggle the menu.

The daily breakfast and lunch menu is displayed by the door. With the café changing its dishes practically every day, there is always a treat in store. As an added bonus, there is usually a range of vegetarian and gluten free options.

Once tempted in by the scrummy menu, you are welcomed with the enticing salad bar and rows of deliciously tempting desserts. Hot food is prepared in a small, open kitchen: seeing the soup simmering on the stove gives Stickybeaks a really homely, relaxed feel. Even when it’s busy and bustling on a Friday lunchtime, the service is quick and the food is delicious.

Stickybeaks is a brilliant haunt for a lunch break for two. A friend and I had a main course each, splitting a salad and dessert, all for under £10 per head. The feta, beetroot and orange salad was fresh and well seasoned, and my fluffy sweet potato frittata had wonderfully sharp blue cheese running through it. The fennel soup was rich and came with freshly baked bread: a real winter warmer.

It was nigh on impossible to pick a pudding: passion fruit cake, lemon poppy seed cake, chocolate brownies. . . I could go on. We finally decided and it was the highlight of the meal: a soft, sweet date bread and butter pudding with hidden hints of chocolate. I could have eaten five.

Whether you’re popping in for a coffee, catching up over lunch, or just grabbing a cheeky pudding, Stickybeaks is your place.