Cam in Film: CineCam

Chris Thomas 15 February 2014

Whilst it is very easy to sit down and watch a film in Cambridge, actually trying to create one is a different prospect altogether. CineCam, a student society that aims to promote the art of cinema, has done just that. The group is in the process of putting together a short film entitled The Project after a three day shoot which took place at the end of last year. The film, described as a conspiracy thriller/noir farce by CineCam President Ian Heames, has influences as varied as Tarantino, Pinter and Almovodar and is intended for festival submissions as soon as the editing process is complete. 

However, making a film is not a simple process of switching on a camera and seeing what happens. Filmmakers, especially those operating on a student budget, face various obstacles on the way to coming up with a completed film. Practical constraints necessarily limit the scope of the script: ‘exploding vampires’ are (unfortunately) out; character driven drama in. Hard graft is also a necessity, as those who are working on The Project will testify. A team of over twenty people have been working on every aspect of the film from storyboarding to costume design since late October to produce a final product that will be no longer than eight minutes of footage. It’s a daunting but highly rewarding process. 

CineCam aims to develop a fi lm culture in Cambridge by helping aspiring filmmakers to take their first practical steps in the medium. The Project, itself a first for CineCam in being the first Committee-run film the society has produced, operated a mentor scheme in which every role, even that of director Margarita Milne, was shadowed by an experienced advisor. It is this process of learning and gaining experience, just as much as the quality of the finished film, that is the central point of CineCam’s mission The ultimate aim is to create a legacy of filmmaking in Cambridge to rival the University’s glowing theatrical and academic reputation. The Project could well be the first step along that path.

Applications are now open for Committee positions within CineCam.  Go to for more details.    


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