Cam on my face!

Alice Gormley - Deputy News Editor 29 September 2011

Graduates Ross Harper and Ed Moyse are selling their faces in an effort to pay off the debt they accumulated whilst students.

Facing the highest rates of graduate unemployment for over a decade, the Student Times reports, the duo’s design constitutes an inventive means of entry into the current job climate, “one in five university leavers failing to find a job last year”.

The novel initiative, whereby clients purchase one of 366 days during which their business or product will be advertised in face paint, will commence in 2 days time.

The project’s co-creators account the birth of their initiative on their website: in need of an “ingenious money-making scheme”, the pair settled on the “biological real estate” that is their quirky new business ‘Buy My Face’.

Yet, clownish though it appears, the idea is surprisingly entrepreneurial. “Social media has unlocked new avenues through which you can promote yourself”, the pair write, citing statistics that confirm 2011 as a “year of increased online advertising”.

The business partners offer to place links to business and product websites on their homepage, tweet about and make public on Facebook and in online videos, the day’s client.

They intend to visit festivals, rallies and protests throughout the country to attract maximum publicity.

Alice Gormley – Deputy News Editor