Cambridge Beats Oxford in Varsity Snow Games

Gerald Wu – Sport co-Editor 12 December 2012

The Cambridge Blues skiing teams swept aside the Oxford Blues for the second consecutive year in both the men’s and women’s first team Varsity Races during the 2012 Varsity Trip at Val Thorens.

The Cambridge Blues were keen to ensure that last year’s double victory in the men’s and women’s Varsity Races was no fluke after Oxford dominance over the past decade. Even when the schedule was disrupted because of poor weather conditions, the Cambridge men’s and women’s teams remained unfazed.

Both teams delivered commanding performances to beat Oxford. The Cambridge men’s Blues, led by Mike Pelton (Jesus), Pete Calvert (Trinity) and JP Espinosa (St. John’s) who all finished on the individual podium, beat Oxford by 2.94 seconds. The women’s Blues beat Oxford by 26.72 seconds after superb efforts from Sarah Hughes (Queens’), Jocelyn Trayler-Clarke (Newnham) and Catherine French (St. Edmunds), all of whom ended up on the individual podium. Nonetheless, Oxford’s Jamie Reid (Oriel) and Kirsty Dixon (Keble) notched up stunning performances to bag the two individual titles.

Cambridge Blue and Varsity Trip Competitions Director Calvert (Trinity) was a happy camper after the Races, and congratulated all competitors who made it at the highest level of competition in the last few years.

The Oxford men’s II and III and women’s II teams defeated Cambridge. However, this year’s Varsity Races belonged to Cambridge and the Oxford teams will have some work to do to assert the dominance that they enjoyed for the past decade.

To cap it off, Cambridge emerged winners in the freestyle competition under brilliant weather conditions. Cheered on by a festive crowd at VarCity, the Cambridge team members pulled off some breathtaking moves to impress the crowd and to ultimately secure the win.

However, Oxford won the Cuppers competition to prevent a clean sweep of events by Cambridge. Keble College (Oxford) defeated Trinity College (Cambridge) in the overall final after both colleges won their respective cuppers competition. Calvert added that the Cuppers competition ran under a new electronic system that ensured the races ran more smoothly and accurately and with more information available to the crowd.

After two consecutive double victories, the prospects look very bright for the Cambridge Blues skiing teams and they will look to keep up their current run of success.

Gerald Wu – Sport co-Editor