Cambridge beats Oxford to top the Complete University Guide 2015

Megan Hughes 12 May 2014

Cambridge has beaten Oxford to the top of the Complete University Guide’s 2015 league table, for the fourth year in a row. The university performed better than its Oxbridge counterpart across the board, beating ‘The Other Place’ in every single category.

Cambridge qualifies for 46 of the 67 subjects ranked individually by the Guide, and was judged the best in 29 of these categories. Cambridge made it into the top ten in 45 of these categories, only failing to do so in Pharmacology, which has dropped from 10th to 18th place.

The Complete University Guide’s rankings began in 2008, judging universities and the courses they offer on a variety of criteria, including entry standards, student satisfaction, research assessment and graduate prospects.

According to Dr Bernard Kingston, who played a fundamental role in the compiling of this year’s rankings, there were some significant changes in the position of certain universities owing to “changes in definitions and weighting”. He also expressed hope that the new classification criteria would provide potential students with “an accurate and independent guide to the UK university system”.

A spokesman for Cambridge University told The Cambridge Student that its position at the head of the table “reflects the fact that the University of Cambridge is one of the most respected and influential higher education institutions in the UK”.

Cambridge students echoed the University’s self-assured stance. Emma, an MML student, said she was “not really surprised” by the outcome, while Max, an Engineering undergrad, agreed telling TCS “we already knew Cambridge was good, didn’t we?”

The Complete University Guide’s rankings are the first to be released this year, and set an important precedent for those to follow.

Oxford undergraduates remained largely unruffled by the news that they were consistently ranked behind their rival, Elizabeth, a student at Oriel college, expressed her indifference to TCS stating that ultimately she “doesn’t think it means very much”.