Cambridge city council leader says “it’s great to see [Caesarian Sunday] didn’t suffer last year’s problems”

Noella Chye 30 April 2017

Following the Caesarian Sunday events on Jesus Green yesterday, City Council Leader Lewis Herbert has issued a comment: “From being there Sunday afternoon, it is clear that the spirit was good this year and the vast majority of the large crowd of partying students were behaving sensibly. Students should be able to regulate their behaviour as a group and that worked much better this year.

While welcoming that  antisocial behaviour was limited, there is still a significant clean-up cost every year and revellers need to consider that and the avoidable amount that our cleansing teams have to sort out to ensure that Jesus Green is spick and span and recovers to normal.

We plan to meet with student and university bodies before the summer to discuss improvements ahead of next year, including we would hope a clean-up plan organised by students, and perhaps a reduced need in the future for police to be present throughout.

Now it's over this year, we want to wish all students at our two universities in this city the very best of luck in their forthcoming exams.  The serious fun can start again when that bit is all done.”

Police were seen keeping a close eye on the events, which consisted of, at most, a student shouting from a megaphone, others wheelbarrow racing, playing music, and having a barbecue.

The comment follows a statement released two days ago, warning that should this year’s events reach the level of intolerability seen in previous years, “we will take all necessary steps to ensure that this event is banned from our public spaces in future years."