Cambridge clubs to ban plastic straws

Beatrice McCartney 7 February 2018

The Cambridge clubs Kuda and Ballare, more popularly known as Life and Cindies, are banning plastic straws from 19 February in order to be more environmentally friendly.

The clubs will offer a biodegradable alternative for cocktails, mixers and soft drinks, aiming to reduce plastic consumption. The new straws will be made from renewable plant resources so will only take six months to biodegrade.

The general manager of Kuda, Will Hodge, has stated, ‘Our customers and colleagues are more environmentally aware so I’m sure they’ll welcome the change and agree that plastic sucks!’.

Straws will no longer be routinely served in drinks, but the biodegradable straws will be used if required. The clubs are spreading their eco-friendly message on their social media pages through #nostrawsattached.

Kuda and Ballare are both part of the Deltic Group, the largest operator of night clubs in the UK, which is enacting the ban as a part of its move towards more eco-friendly and sustainable modes of operation.