Cambridge Colleges fail to warn of sex attack risk

16 February 2011

Robinson and Selwyn Colleges have failed to warn students about another assault by a serial sex offender. The man, believed to be responsible for six attacks on women since last year, is said to have indecently assaulted a woman in the early hours of February 7th near Mount Pleasant Road, Cambridge.

While most undergraduates have been informed by their colleges of the attack, students at both Selwyn and Robinson have yet to hear anything – despite being two of the closest colleges to where the attack took place.

Indeed, Selwyn JCR President, Ben Gliniecki said that when The Cambridge Student contacted him, it was the first time he’d heard about the most recent attack.

He also reiterated that he is “concerned that the attacks are continuing this term and, as yet, we haven’t received any information regarding this most recent one. I really don’t want people to start falling into a false sense of security”.

Charlotte Briere-Edney, a fourth year languages student from Robinson, told TCS that the “the last email we received was January 20th”, reiterating that she felt “the college aren’t really do very much to prevent further attacks.”

She added that “the repeated incidents show that current security measures are inadequate as a deterrent, and inadequate at actually catching people.”

CUSU Women’s Officer Sarah Peters- Harrison reacted angrily to this saying, “I think it is ridiculous. If it is those areas where the attacks occurred, they should be informing their students. We need college policies about student security basically and its something that JCRs should be calling for… we at CUSU were not even told even though we are responsible for student welfare.”

Police are still appealing for further information.

Eleanor Dickinson – Deputy News Editor

Image: Robinson College – TCS Stock Photo