Cambridge Creatives’ Call to Action

Eleanor Metcalf 13 February 2014

Eliska Haskovcova and Jack Collier, editors of Cambridge Creatives (CC), share the background to this venture.

What exactly is, and what inspired, Cambridge Creatives?

Cambridge Creatives is a new online publication and platform designed to promote creativity at the University. It provides a place for people to showcase their work. At its core, it’s essentially a rolling submissions-based magazine. We wanted to start something open and inclusive. It means that we have an easy editorial task, as we don’t filter anything. It’s more of a cheerleading job! As a result, anyone with a picture, poem or anything creative can send in their work to be featured, set up a profile or become a regular contributor .

What does your role entail?

We encourage talent, manage contributors, and enjoy submissions. 

How do you source your material? 

It’s all organic. We raise the call to action, and others respond. We’re completely demographic, and keen to publish anyone who wants to submit their work. We also have a group of permanent contributors who either invent their own projects / columns or interview people and review events.

What do you hope CC offers?

Our tagline is: what’s the point of creating, if you never share it? 

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