Sugar Daddy dating – Cambridge graduate voted New Yorks’ ‘Mr Perfect’?

Adam Clark - Deputy News Editor 17 January 2013

A Cambridge alumnus has been declared the ‘perfect man’. Ian Clague, 50 was found to fit all the qualities more than 9,000 New York women looked for in a man on the dating site

Brooklyn-based hedge fund manager Ian Clague has green eyes, brown hair, is 5 feet 11 inches tall and earns over $150,000. He also holds two Cambridge degrees in Engineering.

According to a survey filled in by over 9,000 women on, the perfect man is athletic, has a graduate degree, makes $150,000 to $200,000 and has green eyes and brown hair. The New York Daily News then found Ian Clague, who fit all the most important criteria, also noting his ‘cute British accent’.

After the New York Daily News took it upon themselves to find the perfect man, Ian Clague has appeared on Good Morning America on the ABC Network and on CBS New York . Clague has said he found the whole thing ‘hilarious’ but hoped it might swing the odds in his favour.

However, there has been a backlash among Cambridge University’s online dating community about the exposure given to by its recent media coverage. Talking to The Cambridge Student ‘Cupid,’ the anonymous founder of (Cambridge University’s free dating website), warned against WhatsYOURprice’s ideology of pairing “generous” singles with “attractive” singles, in a system which has drawn comparisons with prostitution. “I strongly recoil from the thought,” writes Cupid, “it’s too blatant, and it looks dishonourable… a dating website should be there to make people happy, not to profit from their hopes.” was founded by the same man who started Members are divided into “Generous” or “Attractive” categories, with “Generous” members able to make bids for dates with “Attractive members”. The site promises “Attractive” members can “Make Money DatingTM.”

Such internet-dating ‘sugar daddy’ arrangements (“Generous” members unsurprisingly tend to be men) are not unknown among Cantabridgeans; 42 Cambridge students are reported to have signed up to, designed to match up wealthy men and young women.

However, Cupid disagrees with ruling personal wealth out of the dating equation entirely: “When competing against others of one’s own gender (to get a date in the first place) you should use everything you’ve got in order to impress, no matter how superficial it may be. Once you are actually dating, it’s wise to look deeper.”

Adam Clark – Deputy News Editor