Cambridge in top ten for sexual health provision

Seb Day 13 April 2014

Cambridge have the sixth best sexual health provision of the 50 most prestigious UK universities, according to a recent Superdrug report.
Cambridge came behind Leeds, Dundee, St Georges (UOL) and Nottingham and Bristol, in top position. Cambridge scored particularly well for accessibility to contraceptives; Sexual health events and STI testing; and the ease of finding sexual health information online. On the other hand, neither the sexual assault service, nor the sexual health clinic, scored well at all.
For sexual health information and STI screening, students of Cambridge can visit The Laurels in the Grafton Centre. With regard to sexual assault services, students have access to the Cambridge rape crisis centre, and CUSU’s Student Advice Service, as well as other national websites. Being volunteer run, the rape crisis centre is accessible for only a few hours a day, and only 3 days a week.

Asked what she felt about sexual health services at Cambridge, Jess Harrison, a History student at St Catharine’s, said that her college “tend to be good with testing and make it fun, accessible and interesting.”

On the topic of women’s officers, a student at Queens’ College said that they had never approached them due to issues of confidentiality. They added that “the women's officer has always been someone I know and I would be reluctant to approach somebody I know well enough, but who is not a close friend.” Another at Queens’ claimed that the condom machines had been empty on multiple occasions.

A common complaint amongst students, if any, appeared to be the lack of awareness of available services. Some did not know where they could go for a full STD check, for example, or from where to obtain birth control.