Cambridge lose Korfball Varsity match

Gary Cole 28 February 2013

Over the last few years, the Varsity Korfball match has always been tense. This year was no exception. The match was eventually decided by a solitary goal in favour of Oxford 8-7, but the score only told half the story of the match.

The initial nervous exchanges resulted in Oxford taking advantage through a mid-range shot. Thereafter, the half ebbed and flowed, with Cambridge the better side but unable to finish off the chances. The scoreboard kept ticking over with penalties being awarded by the excellent referee and running in shots being conceded due to lapses in concentration on both sides. Cambridge were ahead 5-4 when they conceded a penalty in the last minute of the first half. Oxford scored to enter half time at 5-5.

The second half was even tenser with both teams defending ferociously and keeping chances to a minimum. The game was scoreless for 15 minutes before Oxford threw off the shackles and scored three quick goals. Cambridge took a time out to refocus and battle back. They scored two goals and constantly rattled the unforgiving yellow basket.With four minutes to go, Cambridge were down 7-8 and needed only a draw to retain the cup. The Cambridge defence astutely allowed Oxford time to attack and gather their opponents’ anxious wayward shots to counter attack. They were rewarded when a quick break and an over commitment by Oxford allowed the Light Blues to put the ball in the basket. Unfortunately, the whistle had been blown for an infringement and subsequently any hopes of a Cambridge win were ended.

The Light Blues tried their hardest and left nothing on court. Although it was Oxford’s turn this year, Cambridge will certainly look to win back the cup.

Gary Cole