Cambridge MP Huppert appointed physics lecturer

Jenni Reid - Deputy News Editor 12 November 2012

The MP for Cambridge, Dr Julian Huppert, has been made a lecturer in physics at Cambridge University. Dr Huppert, a Liberal Democrat, completed both his BA and PhD at Cambridge, before becoming a fellow of Clare College in 2009. He is currently the only MP in the House of Commons with a science PhD who went on to do further research.

His scientific work includes starting up a small biotech company, and helping to develop a new anti-cancer drug. He is also a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics.

In 2007, Dr Huppert was appointed to a Research Council’s UK Academic Fellowship at the Cambridge Physics Department, a post which becomes a lectureship after five years.

Dr Huppert has said that he is honoured to have received the position. But he clarified to Cambridge News: “I am on long-term unpaid leave from , and it does not give me any duties or pay me anything – representing the people of Cambridge as their MP is a more than full-time job.”

Subject to a five-year probationary period, Dr Huppert will retain the role of lecturer until he reaches retirement age. However he has said that if he were re-elected as MP for Cambridge in 2015, he would give up his lecturer position.

Professor James Stirling, head of the Department of Physics, said: “This recent confirmation of appointment to a lectureship serves as a reminder that Julian is an experienced and respected academic, and we will be delighted to welcome him back to the department in the future.”

Jenni Reid – Deputy News Editor