Cambridge offers students more financial help

31 January 2008

Up to a third of students in Cambridge will be eligible to apply for bursaries in the next academic year.

The University is set to raise the upper limit of both the full and tapered bursaries on offer by thousands of pounds, so that more students qualify for financial help.

Cambridge’s bursary scheme has been in effect since before the introduction of top-up fees.

But both the value and number of bursaries on offer has expanded since 2006, and will see a significant increase for the year 2008-9.

Previously, the ‘low income’ threshold – at which students qualify for a full Cambridge bursary of £3,150 – was £18,000. But in 2008, ‘low income’ will cover parental salaries of up to £25,000.

Above this threshold, the cut-off point for financial help offered on a tapered basis will increase by more than £20,000. Students with home incomes of up to £60,000 will be able to receive monetary aid in the next academic year – a dramatic leap from the former limit of £38,500. Mature students will be able to receive a maximum bursary of £5,250 per year.

As in previous years, there is no fixed number of students at Cambridge who are eligible for financial assistance. All students who qualify are offered the extra funding.

The director of the Isaac Newton Trust, said:

“The University has advertised a guarantee of support to students who meet certain conditions and we will pay whatever it costs to meet that guarantee, wherever possible using contributions from alumni and others.”

“We will continue our efforts to ensure that no student need be deterred from studying at Cambridge on economic grounds.”