Cambridge Pythons Battle to 33-6 Victory Over Oxford Lancers

Sam Rhodes 18 May 2014

The Cambridge Pythons completed their season today with a win over an Oxford team that, despite moments of excellence, ultimately was unable to ever look likely victors.

With Oxford going into the game without a single victory this season, Cambridge were always going to be the favourites- something both teams readily acknowledged. With nothing to lose, however, the Lancers were going to be dangerous opponents for the boys in light blue, and Jaason Geerts, wide receiver and a captain for the Pythons, was keen to emphasise the level of respect Cambridge had for Oxford’s game. None of the Pythons had ever lost to an Oxford team, and it was clear from the kick-off they had no intention to start now.

The gulf in quality was obvious from the first Cambridge drive, and it took only five plays to march downfield and begin the scoring. The entire Pythons running back corps was impressive all day, but Jonty Richardson in particular seemed to be playing on a different level to the Oxford defence, and his hat-trick was a just reward for his confrontational running style. The Python defence too started incredibly strongly, recording a sack off the first play of Oxford’s first drive, which ultimately fizzled after too many dropped passes and a farcical punt attempt, the snap flying far above the kicker’s head. Indeed, the handling of the Lancers was to be their downfall on more than one occasion.

Fortunately for both the game and Oxford’s pride, an improvement in their defence meant that the glut of touchdowns in the early parts of the game thinned. Oxford defensive end Steven Patch in particular was very disruptive, and it is a tribute to the evasive skills of Joseph Yarwood, Cambridge QB, that he kept the offence moving. The first quarter closed out with an Oxford Hail Mary pass that was only inches from completion, and it seemed that the game was on. The first play of the second quarter however was picked off by Cambridge linebacker Sebastian Funk and returned for a touchdown, making the score 21-0 after a two point conversion.

Python dominance continued into the second half, as Tom Carr stripped the ball from the Oxford back-up QB and returned it for more than 40 yards, leading to yet another Richardson touch-down. Oxford were now clearly fired up as they went on their most successful drive yet, burning the Cambridge secondary twice in quick succession for big gains up the right. Although the result still seemed safe for Cambridge, it was gratifying to see the frustration on the faces of the Cambridge defence after three missed tackles led to Oxford finally putting some points on the board. The Pythons were able to kill the game off with a strong kick-off return and succession of powerful runs, culminating in one final touch-down.

Pythons head coach Julian Fuller paid tribute to his team after the match, especially their dominant offensive and defensive lines, the former providing excellent protection throughout to Yarwood as well as enabling their impressive running game and the latter causing no end of trouble for both Lancer QBs. The Pythons can hold their head high after their unprecedented success this season, and should look towards a bright future. 


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