Cambridge Pythons look ahead to the Super Bowl

Paul Hyland 4 February 2016

This Sunday, the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. For the 50th instalment of the NFL’s biggest game, a spectacular show has been planned, including half-time performances by Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars.

It’s a game that pits two very different teams against each other. The Broncos have a hard-hitting and impressive defence and a offence led by legendary quarterback, Peyton Manning, who’ll have the chance to add to his haul of five Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards over his career.

The Panthers, meanwhile, are a team with a lot of swagger. Quarterback Cam Newton is the leader of this team, and it shows. Despite this being his first Super Bowl, he plays with a confidence that often leads his team to the win. His opposite number in Peyton Manning has alreaady declared him the face of the National Football League (NFL) for the next decade.

The two quarterbacks are at very different ends of their careers. Manning is going to his fourth Super Bowl, having already won one, and there is a lot of speculation that this is probably his final season, after battling injury and declining the past two seasons. Meanwhile, Newton has only been in the NFL for four seasons and looks to have a long and successful career ahead of him.

Have you ever seen an American football game and had no idea what was going on, or what all the fuss was even about? This is the perfect game to start watching the sport if you don’t already. The two best teams in the game are set to go head to head in a showpiece, all-or-nothing affair. And this is probably your last chance to see the legendary Manning, considered one of the greatest of all time, and a chance to see a rising star in Newton. And if all of that can’t convince you, surely Beyoncé and Coldplay can!

The Cambridge American Football team, the Pythons, are hosting an American-themed Super Bowl party at the Cambridge Union Society on Sunday night, showing the game and offering food and drink.

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