Cambridge ranks top 10 in number of billionaire alumni

Armaghan Hallajian 12 November 2016

Figures produced by have revealed that Cambridge University has the highest number of billionaire alumni than anywhere else in Europe, with the total estimated wealth of its billionaire graduates amounting to around $48 billion. 

Ranking ninth on the list of the top 10 universities for billionaires, Cambridge was the only non- American institution on the list. Harvard, with alumni as famous as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg, came out on top with the University of Pennsylvania, alma mater of President- elect Donald Trump, closely following. 

Of the billionaire Cambridge graduates, David Thomson is especially of note. The now media mogul was a history student at Selwyn College in the 1970s. The Canadian currently controls the Thomson Reuters media and publishing empire and is worth an astounding $25.8 billion.