Cambridge researcher warns Christmas binge eating can take hours off your life

Daniel Rowe – News Reporter 10 January 2013

How many portions of yule log did you eat this Christmas? Did you watch the Downton Abbey special at the same time as drinking a glass of red wine? Or, in other words, how many hours did you knock off your life? A Cambridge researcher has warned that too much eating, drinking, or watching TV over Christmas may have taken hours from your future.

David Spiegelhalter, Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University, recently published this research, which uses data from population studies, in the British Medical Journal.

His findings warned that smoking two cigarettes, or watching two hours of television, for example, each has an effect equivalent to taking thirty minutes from your life every day; suggesting that at Christmas, when binge eating, drinking, and tv-watching are most likely, the time-cutting effect is strongest.

However the research is not all bad news: eating a turkey dinner with five portions of vegetables followed by a brisk walk will give you the equivalent of three hours’ time on this planet back.

Daniel Rowe – News Reporter