Cambridge Squash relegated

Jack Styles – Men's Squash Blues Captain 18 January 2013

We lost to Lincoln 3-2.

This was an important match to avoid relegation, although our chances suffered a blow when our number 2 sprained his ankle last night and was unable to play today. That meant our number 1 was out in the clinic (medic), our number 2 out with a sprained ankle, me, the number 3 playing at 1 with a fractured metatarsal, and our number 4 out having a physics exam.

We turned up finding they had only brought 4 players, giving us an automatic walkover at 5. First on was Tom Mitchell-Williams, the 2nd team captain and drafted in the early hours of the night before, who went on and was too strong and with too much class, beating the Lincoln 4th string 3-0. Number 3, George Johnson, had a close encounter on the other court with George winning the 4th game – making the match 2-2 – and giving the number 1 hope that his metatarsal might not have to suffer. It wasn’t to be, and George lost the match 3-2, muttering about Cindies the night before… The number 2, Ryan Mullarky went on next against an opponent he’d played many times before in tournaments, where the opponent had always been number 1 seed and won. Sadly, this wasn’t the day for a turnover and Ryan lost in 3 games 9-11 9-11 9-11. That made the tally 2-2 and all down to the number 1, Jack Styles. He went down quickly to the talented Lincoln opponent, who realised quite soon that any drop shots were unreturnable for the injured Cambridge man, losing 4-11, 9-11, 14-16.

Although this means relegation for the team, this year has proved too tough to get a strong team out for BUCS and the Cambridge league matches on Wednesday evenings too, and splitting strength between the two teams – whilst giving experience and match play to more members of the 2nds and 3rds – ultimately lead to relegation in BUCS. However, this experience will be vital for the Varsity match, where we hope to repeat the feat of 2 years ago winning in every position from 1 in the 1st team to 16th in the 3rd team.

Jack Styles – Men’s Squash Blues Captain