Cambridge students most likely to ‘sex up’ underwear

Joanna Taylor 5 December 2016

A survey by lingerie company Bluebella and advertising company Digin has found that Cambridge University students are most likely to 'sex up' their lingerie.

Southampton University came second, followed by Sussex, East Anglia and Manchester in the survey of 3,290 students. 

Nine out of ten women who study at Cambridge have ‘special lingerie’ reserved for dates, whilst 50% always wear ‘occasion’ lingerie when going on a first date. 

Almost two-thirds of Cambridge students believe black to be the sexiest colour for lingerie, followed by red (21%), other colours (7%) and white (5%). 

Overall, 84% of female students at British universities have special occasion lingerie. 

Bluebella chief executive Emily Bendell, who studied PPE at Oxford, said: “It’s great that lingerie is an important part of many students’ wardrobes and 84 per cent have ‘occasion’ lingerie that they save for someone special.’ 

Bendell, who was JCR President of Magdalen College, decided to set up her company after struggling to find high quality lingerie at affordable prices whilst at university. 

“We've always been particularly popular with students. I like to think that this is because I created Bluebella for the younger me. I can remember the struggle to find great lingerie when you were living on a student's income” she added. 

The average female Cambridge student owns between 16-30 pairs of knickers, in case you were wondering.