Cambridge students wear black in support of Time’s Up movement

Almost two weeks after Hollywood stars wore black at the Golden Globes to show solidary with victims of sexual harassment and assault, Cambridge students wore black in a campaign outside the University Library to support the Time’s Up movement at 2pm yesterday.

Over 60 students, mainly women, attended the demonstration dressed in black to raise awareness of sexual harassment and assault. Organised by King’s theology student Harriet Fisher, the campaign is reportedly the first smaller version of the protests spurred by the #MeToo fallout.

Students shouted ‘Time’s Up, Cambridge!’ on the University Library steps. This follows the University of Cambridge’s announcement last month that it would begin its own Breaking the Silence Campaign, designed to facilitate reporting instances of sexual harassment and assault in a confidential manner.

The campaign raised over £200, which is to be shared between the TIMESUP Legal Defence Fund and the Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre. The Time’s Up Campaign, created earlier this month, has so far raised over $18 million (almost £13 million) for victims of sexual violence in the entertainment and other industries after details of widespread sexual misconduct were published.

Fisher is currently working with friends to take the campaign across universities nationwide, to ‘show solidarity’ whilst also encouraging women to report similar instances of inappropriate behaviour.

Students can anonymously report cases of harassment, hate crime and sexual misconduct on the University website.

TCS have contacted Harriet Fisher for comment.