Cambridge Union releases preview of Lent speakers

Juliette Bretan 12 January 2018

The Cambridge Union has today announced highlights from its jam-packed Lent 2018 termcard, with celebrities like Pelé, Davina McCall, James Blunt, General Michael Flynn and Bryan Cranston, the star of hit series Breaking Bad, scheduled to attend.

The term will kick-off on 15th January at 7pm with a visit from rugby union legend James Haskell; which will be closely followed by the 19th January visit from Bryan Cranston at 3pm. 

Week One will continue with Pelé, who is due to speak on 22nd January at 7pm; and James Blunt, scheduled for 24th January at 7pm.

Five-time Olympic rowing medallist Katherine Grainger will arrive on 26th February at 7pm, whilst a talk from television personality Davina McCall is on 7th March at 7pm.

Film and theatre star Hayley Atwell is planned to speak the following day at 5pm, whilst General Michael Flynn will be flying in a little later in the month, on 16th March at 6pm. 

Calling the names already released as 'just the tip of the iceberg', the Union is due to announce the full termcard over the weekend.