Cambridge Union to sell alcohol for longer hours?

Judith Welikala 14 October 2011

The Cambridge Union Society is has applied to amend its alcohol license, in a move that could see alcohol being served at the premises until 2am.

Currently alcohol is permitted to be served from 11am-1am. However, the Union now seeking to sell alcohol from noon-2pm daily, and 6-11pm Mondays to Wednesdays, which would be extended to 1am on Thursdays, and 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. Alcohol would be served between midday and 11pm on Sundays.

There has so far been one objection made to the plan, out of concern for public nuisance.

If the amended license is granted, however, there would be controls put in place to reduce noise, including the fitting of noise filters, employing stewards, and having doors closed after 10pm, other than for access to and from the Union building.

The application will be considered on Monday by the licensing subcommittee of the city council.

Judith Welikala