Cambridge University Chocolate Society

Cora Olpe 31 October 2013

1. What do you do?

We organise a wide range of chocolate-themed events, including international chocolate tastings, truffle making workshops, chocolate face mask events, christmas parties, garden parties and socials with other societies.

2. Who can join?

We are open to anyone and everyone who enjoys eating chocolate! Come on chocoholics!

3. USP?

We have never run out of chocolate at our all-you-can-eat tasting sessions. We promise that you will always leave our events feeling completely chocolate-saturated.

4. When do you meet?

We organise three or four events a term, each with a different focus. There is something for everyone.

5. How can students get involved?

Come to our events to indulge in an array of chocolates. For more information join our Facebook group or email Cora Olpe at