Cambridge University to open new centre for improving NHS

Caithlin Ng 29 March 2017

Following a £40 million charitable donation, Cambridge University will open a new research centre within the next year for enhancing the NHS. The donation comes from the Health Foundation, which will be giving the money to the university over a period of 10 years. This will be the charity’s largest ever single grant.

The new centre will be focused on developing new evidence-based means of improving the NHS system, including ways to better patient care, research skills, and academia. Dr Jennifer Dixon, chief executive of the Health Foundation, said, “Faster learning and discovery is vital to achieving higher quality health care for patients at a sustainable cost. That is why the Health Foundation is making its biggest single grant to date to help build the field of improvement research.

“Critically, the institute’s work will include understanding not only which interventions work, but also in which contexts and why.”

The new centre will be based at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, alongside Addenbrooke’s, and will be led by Mary Dixon-Woods, RAND Professor of Health Services Research and Wellcome Trust Investigator at the university. The institution will also be working with partners including Homerton College and the RAND Europe research institute.

Source: Cambridge News