Cantabs pranked on April Fools’ Day

Rebecca Alldridge 1 April 2014

Several of the best known Cambridge institutions have got into the spirit of April Fools' Day, with pranks ranging from a visit by President Obama to massive changes in King's College Choir.

The Cambridge Union Society has leaked an email, supposedly from the White House, announcing the intention of President Obama to attend the Union in May Week: “The President of the Unites States will be visiting London for the G20 summit in mid-June, and, if possible, we would like to arrange a visit to your historic society… on Sunday June 15th.”

In a further post on Facebook, the Cambridge Union Society announced: “We regret to inform members that the Duchess of Cambridge still hasn’t responded to our repeated requests for a joint appearance as part of the debate, but his Holiness the Pope has expressed an interest in principle, provided he gets queue-jump for Suicide Sunday night Fez afterwards.”

One Union Officer told The Cambridge Student: “Sorry for any disappointment folks. The union feels humour is important for students in the dark exam times, and we hope you’ll forgive a bit of cheeky self-parody, much as we’d love to party with Obama and Pope Francis on Suicide-Sunday.”

Although Kate Middleton has apparently not replied to the Union, Prince William himself is the subject of another April Fools' article. According to the Tab, Wills has today been awarded "a third class degree in agricultural management".

The article quotes the apparently fictional Dr Canniedo as saying, “I remember seeing the Duke return to college on a Saturday evening looking very browbeaten. He told me that he had thought ‘The Regal Wetherspoons’ would be a nice place to unwind with some course-mates. His tutor and I are disappointed with the result, but wish him well in the future.”

Meanwhile, King's College Choir released a video on Youtube entitled 'King's College Choir announces major change'. The video, featuring Chaplain Richard Lloyd Morgan (who was interviewed by TCS last term), explained that “it really is no longer practical to have young boys singing in the choir”.

Lloyd Morgan notes that the "surgical solution" was unpopular amongst choral scholars, but reveals that a chemical solution has been found: the video ends with second-year choral scholar Pat Dunachie breathing in helium before carrying on singing in a higher register.