Cantabs’ Top Doctor Who Episodes

Suzanne Duffy, Yema Stowell, James Baillie 19 November 2013

Dalek (Suzanne Duffy)
After the silliness of the Slitheen came the sixth episode of the Doctor Who reboot, and it was the darkest yet. ‘Dalek’ pushed the underrated Christopher Eccleston to bring out the Doctor’s Time War trauma and cement his bond with Rose.

The Girl in the Fireplace (Yema Stowell)
Set in the 51st century and pre-revolutionary France simultaneously, Moffat’s series 2 episode is his best. Madame de Pompadour, creepy clockwork robots, the Doctor marvellously in love, and a horse on a spaceship: what more does an episode need?

Death to the Daleks (James Baillie)
Showing off Dalek engineering skills, intelligence, and duplicitousness brilliantly, and with the fantastic combination of the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane, 'Death to the Daleks' has a fantastically twisting plot. The Exxilon city is a brilliant concept/setting too – a good watch all round!