Captain’s Column: Swimming

Charles Martland 6 February 2015

This week sees the turn of the swimming team, where captains Alexandra Wiseman and Graeham Douglas tells us about the build up to V-day. 

When is Varisty and where is it? 
GD: February 28th. It will be at Parkside Pool, next to Kelsey Kerridge in Cambridge. There’s capacity for around 300 people, and the home support makes a difference. 
AW: The swimming starts at 12pm: Swimming is done about 2:30, and is followed by the water polo  matches.
How has the season been going?
GD It’s been going fairly well. We had two BUCS matches. The first one went quite well, but in the second one there was a bit of flu going around.

Has training been going well?
GD: We were at training camp after Christmas in Fuerteventura which is the highlight of the year
AW: It was such a physical demand on the body and you feel it for the next two weeks but we’re going to maintain that and prepare well for Varsity. As well as swimming, we have a plyo session every week, with land training and weights as well. Training is always demanding, especially alongside academic commitments.

What’s the rivalry like? What was the result last year?
GD: It’s probably one of the oldest swim matches in the world – Cambridge is one of the oldest swimming clubs in the world. So there’s definitely history and definitely rivalry. 
AW: Oxford won overall but it went right down to the wire on the women’s side to the last race, 
GD: The men’s wasn’t so close but we’re looking a lot stronger this year as we’ve had quite a good intake this year.

Any star swimmers to look out for?
AW: Who’s going to see this – Oxford?! 
GD: There’s a bit of games – we don’t know each others’ full roster so part of the sport is picking which swimmers to match up in which events.

Any fresh new talent?
GD:  On the men’s side – Callum Ferguson and Dominic Holloway – both NatScis and Freshers who went to the nationals which is uncommon which will make a
big difference.
AW: We’ve been seeing some existing swimmers on the team really improving and committing. Katherine Pyne recovered from a serious knee injury and is doing well.Catherine Breed is improving. I’m really looking forward to seeing how she will do – she’ll be able to get a solid PB and potentially a Blue in the right events. 

Do you have any PR campaigns up your sleeve?
AW: It’s a long time away still but there’s a video on YouTube of the camp and we’ve also got the event on Facebook that we’re promoting.  

Finally, if you were to pick an anthem for the team to skate out to, what would it be? 
AW: We do actually walk out to a song, I would totally walk out to Fireball by Pitbull.
GD: My personal pump up song is Lose Yourself by Eminiem