Captain’s Column: University Women’s Lacrosse

Flora McFarlane 14 February 2015

When/where is varsity? 

March 7th Saturday  in the afternoon at St John’s Pitches

How has the season gone so far? 

Our season has gone great so far, touch wood, currently unbeaten, both Blues and Kingfishers (2nds).  We’ve had eight normal league matches and we’re sitting at the top of the table with quite a margin. We’ve played Oxford once and beat them. The Blues have two more league matches this term, one against Southampton and the other against Oxford. I’ve arranged a few more matches, one against Birmingham who are the current BUCS champions.

Has training been going well – how do you train? 

Training has been going very well, we train four times a week. So we have two hours on a Sunday evening, which is a mixture of agility and stick work. Then we have an hour and a half of normal training on a Monday and then an hour of stick work in the sports hall.

On Friday mornings we have boot camp. A couple of girls started doing it in exam term – they’re a couple of ex-army guys who literally just yell at you – it’s horrible but you really do feel good afterwards. But the first one back after Christmas was so tough!

So many teams commented on how good our fitness was last term so it’s definitely paying off.  

What is the rivalry like between the two teams?

It is a pretty big one. The other thing with Lacrosse is that it is quite a small world so ou do know a lot of people. We’ll all probably know most of the players on their team and so we can quite often be good friends but because we’re all competitive people that’ll make it more competitive than it otherwise would be. And obviously Lacrosse is a pretty competitive sport so it can get quite heated!

What was the result last year??

Last year we lost – 11 – 9. It was really gutting especially as we had beaten them once in the league and drew to them once. When we played them at home, we beat them and then when we played them at home, we drew. So obviously because it was away last year, it had bad memories. It was just frustrating, because it definitely wasn’t the best performance, we didn’t play as a team at all. That will definitely be something we’ll try to do better this year as we have really been playing as a team. We have beaten them already by 4 goals this term which was away, so hopefully at home it will be even better.

Any star players to look out for? 

So there’s Katie Lehovsky  and me and her are both in the England senior elite squad. She plays centre – she’s really strong. Then we’ve got Chesca Hirst – last year’s captain. She can be quite aggressive, (has been known to be carded the last few Varsity matches…!) She plays mid-defence

Any fresh new talent?

There’s no one who’s done really high level stuff, but they are just really solid. It is more that there’s a good depth in the squad.

What are your preparations going to be like over the term?

We really want to make sure that, because at this point last year everything went a bit pear-shaped, we want to be a lot more positive. Especially with the first half of the season having gone so well, there’s no reason why we need to change anything. Obviously our training is going very well for us, I don’t see the need to add too much extra to it.

Do you have any PR campaigns up your sleeve? 

Nothing too exciting, but there is a video in the works and there will be a Facebook event and stuff like that. We have a minister of press this year who will be getting on top of that.

If you were to pick an anthem for the team to run out to, what would it be? 

Oh that’s a tough one, but I think I would have to go for 'Jungle' by X Ambassadors