Card fraud hits Cambridge

Stephen Brothwell and Catherine Watts 18 October 2007

Students will be worrying about the security of their bank details following the discovery of suspected criminal devices attached to ATMs in the city centre.

A Cambridge resident alerted police when she removed a suspicious contraption that she had found on the Barclay’s cash point on St Andrew’s Street. Police later found that two more cash machines had been tampered with at another branch of the bank on Sidney Street.

These devices – which are thought to be card scanners – were removed for further investigation. CCTV footage will also be studied closely for evidence of dubious activity.

Yet the police action may have come too late for one first-year Sidney Sussex student, who found that £600 had been taken from her account.

A fellow Sidney fresher, Vicky Sedgwick, told The Cambridge Student that she had also noticed something dodgy on the machine, although this did not deter her from using it.

“But”, she said, “I’m going to look out a bit more closely in the future to see if the ATM has been tampered with before I use it”.

If you think that you may have used one of these cash points at any time over last weekend then you are advised to contact your bank as soon as possible.

Stephen Brothwell and Catherine Watts