CU Cat Club

Amiya Nagpal 17 March 2017

It’s a soggy Tuesday evening in Lotus Thai. The room is packed with preclinical vet students, and the topic of conversation is cats. Full of brutally cheap Sainsbury’s wine, I’m having a good old evangelise about the wonders of feline kind, in all their fluffy, mysterious, and duplicitous glory. As I pause for breath, one of my chums turns to me, fixes me with a piercing gaze, and informs me that he loves cats just as much as I do. I am astonished. Surely this is not possible? But after more wine and kitty chat it becomes clear that we’re very much on the same page. We agree that Cambridge distinctly lacks a cat community. It was then that the Cambridge University Cat Club was born.

On the Facebook page, we share all things feline with our community. Cambridge can be something of a pressure cooker at times, and in such times, we can learn a lot from our feline friends, happy with the simple things in life: food, sleep, a bit of mischief, and (we hope) company.                  

CUCC was created as a spur-of-the-moment expression of our perhaps over-enthusiastic love of cats, but as it grew, we realised that we had inadvertently connected a wide-ranging group of cat-lovers across Cambridge and beyond! Amidst the pressure of essays, exams, and supervision work, many students have found time to message in with pictures and stories of their beloved kitties. Perhaps we’ve just added a further source of Internet-based procrastination, but as exam term rumbles ever closer, we encourage you to continue submitting.  We’re very hopeful for the future of the Club, and have some exciting plans in the pipeline alongside the daily dose of kitty goodness. Let’s share our cats with each other and #spreadthefelinelove!

Cat Club can be found on Facebook