CD Single Review: Matt Corby – Brother

Vincent Coole 8 December 2012

Matt Corby –Brother


Young Aussie hopeful Matt Corby is looking to quicken his dash for the limelight with radio-friendly ‘Brother, taken from the forthcoming EP Into the Flame. Following on from the rather lovely ‘Made of Stone’, ‘Brother’ is designed to showcase Corby’s vocal dexterity beyond the increasingly-common Jeff Buckley falsetto. On the chorus he roars and also adopts the wolf-calls associated with Wild Beasts’ Tom Fleming. This song of guilt, vilification and possible self-recrimination demands a passionate delivery which Corby is determined to rise to. He almost does so, before losing control on the final chorus in which the roar becomes a shout.

As a song ‘Brother’ is competent and certainly catchy. Yet it has oddities for a song designed to appeal to a wider demographic. Lyrically, it sails a little close to biblical rhetoric (Somebody call out to your brother/You couldn’t help out your own neighbour), while the use of a less-than-subtle obscenity repeated at the end of every chorus (therefore cut-out on the radio edit) is completely unnecessary. A line of poetic drama packs a greater punch and gets you into less trouble.

An over-wrought performance and lyrical naivety aside, ‘Brother’ could very well expose Matt Corby to a wider audience. He undoubtedly has a fine talent on show with his vocal versatility. Yet once Corby reaches said limelight he will have to find one true distinctive voice if he wishes to stay there.

Vincent Coole