Cherry and Blossom

Giverny Tattersfield 4 March 2010

Corpus Playroom, Lateshow – 9.30pm Tues 2nd-Sat 6th March 2010


Walking into the Corpus Playrooms to watch ‘Cherry and Blossom’ was like tumbling into the dressing room of an actress from days gone by: feathers, flowers, pearls and silk scarves were all scattered in a charmingly haphazard manner on the stage, and the smell of perfume drifting on the air set the scene. I felt like I should have that perfect Marilyn pout and a cigarette in a ridiculously long holder, but I contented myself with leaving the vintage antics to the women on stage.

Eve Rosato and Emily-Jane Swanson made for a great double act. They were all red lips, sexy curls and curves. The show, written by Rosato and Swanson, could have turned into a glorified concert of Porter, Gershwin and others if it hadn’t been for the gusto with which it was performed and the endearing characters who performed it. You can’t help but get drawn into the little world that they tease you with. They had the audience laughing and hopping along with them, even provoking them to unprecedented applause after Blossom’s lesson in the art of ‘sex appeal’ through the song ‘Sway’. Sometimes, however, the enthusiasm they were splashing around could feel a little unfocused, indeed there was a moment when the accidental kicking of a martini glass meant that the splashing wasn’t quite so metaphorical.

Occasionally I found myself wishing that there was a little more polish to the performances and that the cues and the odd dance move, especially in the songs, didn’t feel quite so tentative. Nevertheless, this is a show full of life and fun.

It struck me as being like that extra slick of lipstick you put on before heading out the door; it’s a bit frivolous, and quite girly, but you walk out feeling great.

Giverny Tattersfield