Christ’s hooligans banned from Sidney Sussex formal hall

TCS News Team 30 October 2008

Christ’s sports’ club, the Marguerites, have been banned from attending formal hall at Sidney Sussex College following an incident at a swap between the two colleges last week.

During a particularly alcohol-soaked formal at Sidney Sussex College between the Sidney S.L.A.G.S. and the Marguerites, the Christ’s College “sporting” society, the attendees began drinking early and greatly.

The result was an extremely rowdy meal, which led to one member of the Marguerites being ejected for drunkenly throwing a jug of water onto the floor.

The performance came to a head during the Second Grace (at the end of the meal), which was loudly interrupted by chanting from a section of the Christ’s students in hall, which forced the Fellows reading Grace to start again and repeat themselves.

After this, the Marguerites were asked to leave Sidney by the college chaplain, but refused and spent some time in the Sidney bar before eventually moving on.

The nature of the chanting that took place was much disputed, as its emergence from the mouths of several intoxicated young men was less than clear.

However, a senior member of the Marguerites explained that the origins of the chant came from Christ’s football club, the CCAFC.

A former member of the CCAFC, a Mr Dominic E. Wong, once proclaimed to his teammates during a particularly arduous match that “I would die for this club!”

Since then, tradition has dictated that any committee member or former captain of the CCAFC can place a clenched fist over his heart and shout “Dom. E. Wong!”.

A this point in a meal all members of the club present must stand up and declare with fervour that they, like Mr Wong, would die for the CCAFC.

The CCAFC, the most successful club in the history of Cuppers, has nursed a long-standing grudge against Sidney when the Sidney football club attempted to fix a match to ensure their own promotion and prevent Christ’s from doing the same.

The rivalry has often spilled over into other sporting fixtures, though never with the same venom, which may explain why the Marguerites performed this ritual specifically during Sidney formal.

As a punishment for the behaviour of their guests, the S.L.A.G.S. were deaned as a society and the girls who were on the swap have been banned from taking guests into formal for the rest of this term.

The S.L.A.G.S. also had to find a Fellow to liaise with the Fellowship in future for them and act as the society’s Senior Member.

In addition, the society had to hand over a list of names of all of the Christ’s students who were guests and, as a result of the incident will be holding no more swaps at Sidney formal.

The President of the S.L.A.G.S., Sophie Blackburn said, that although she was not personally present, based on what she heard, she thinks that “the boys were totally out of order” and blamed them for leaving the S.L.A.G.S. to take the heat.

She also said that she fully accepted the punishments given to her society and said that “the Dean has dealt appropriately with the situation”.

For their part, the Marguerites have unsurprisingly been banned from Sidney for the rest of the academic year, although one anonymous Marguerite said,”as if we’d even want to go back”.

Following a thorough investigation by Christ’s, the Marguerites also agreed to additional sanctions, which included banning the member who led the chanting in participating in any further Marguerites events.

In addition to this, the Marguerites have also been banned from Christ’s formal for the rest of this term and had to deliver a written and personal apology to the Dean of Sidney.

Ed Minor, the “Women’s Officer” for the Marguerites said that he agreed with a great deal of what the Dean of Sidney had to say to him.

He added that “the club has to accept the consequences of the actions of its members.

Or, in this case, of one member in particular.” Mr. Minor also said that the notoriously hard-drinking club have already taken “internal disciplinary measures” against the member in question and look “forward to an otherwise unproblematic year”.

TCS News Team