Churchill dogged by more drama

TCS News Team 4 March 2010

A Churchill student was bitten several times by a police dog at his college in the early hours of Wednesday last week.

The student involved was the same individual who attacked Christian Rohr at Churchill Springball, as reported in The Cambridge Student (TCS) two weeks ago.

When approached by TCS and asked to explain the incident, the student said: “I had scaled a wall of College, wearing a black hoody, to gain access to the roof to do some midnight marauding. I went on my own to explore the roof above the room in which I live.”

He made absolutely clear that, despite rumours, this was not an attempt at suicide.

He continued: “A porter shouted at me to get down, so I got down and went into town for one hour.”

Cambridgeshire police informed TCS that they were called by security at the College at 00.50am because of “a suspected burglar on the roof”.

The student continued: “One hour later, I tried to sneak back in and someone shouted ‘Oi, stop there’ so I ran. Then they announced that they were the police.”

The police told TCS that the student came down off the roof when asked but then ran off. They emphasise that they made clear that they had a dog with them and asked him to stop running “three times before the dog was sent to detain him.”

The student continued: “Once I saw the dog, I stopped and shouted ‘I’ve stopped, I’ve stopped’. But the dog didn’t stop running, so I dropped to a foetal position and covered my balls and face.

“The dog bit my arm several times. I was heard to be shouting ‘Fuck man, is this necessary? Take him off me’.

“One minute later, the dog was taken off and I was arrested for suspicion of lead theft.” The student said that he was arrested at 1.07am.

He added: “I was de-arrested soon after while having the wounds looked at in the Porters’ Lodge.”

Cambridgeshire police informed TCS that he was de-arrested “as the College did not wish to make a formal complaint.”

The student continued: “I went to hospital to receive several stitches and a tetanus jab. In total, there were eight officers, porters, security personnel and one armed response unit, with the fire brigade and an ambulance on stand-by.”

The Dean of Churchill did not wish to comment on the specifics of the incident, but said: “The College investigates all incidents concerning Churchill students that come to its attention and takes action appropriately.”

TCS News Team