Lucy Bell 28 February 2019
Image Credit: Merrit Brown

I’m nervous.

Two worlds, about to collide

Here and There; Now and Then.

Them, and

Us and

Both us; both them.

Tight-rope walking the gap

Two worlds – two versions of me.

Is it me who changes? Or them?

Here : smiles – “your smile changes a room”
There: less so.

Cheer up.

(What if they don’t get on?)

What if?

(What if they do?)



“Home friends”.

Best friends.

Seen-me-at-my-best-and-worst-and-utterly-exhausted-friends. At-my-everything-friends.

Cam friends: New, here, different me?




Please fit together.


(What if)

(What if)



(But not too well).