Colour me autumn: The guide to Cambridge this season

Katelyn Nash 20 October 2017

Against the protests of my already aching body, I decided to go for a short run the other day. I don’t traditionally run if I am entirely honest, but this term I decided “why the hell not?” So I went, jogging down Sidgwick lane and not actually immediately loathing my decision to exercise. As I ran, I started to notice a familiar crackling sound underfoot.

I looked down and was amazed. Leaves. Leaves everywhere, with every autumnal colour of the rainbow featuring: yellow, auburn, brown, gold, orange, red. I was astounded at how beautiful the sight was, and it immediately reminded me how wonderful the season autumn truly is.

Of course, leaves aren’t the only attractive thing about autumn; Cambridge has a range of seasonal events and activities to help you make best of your Michaelmas term.


I don’t know about anyone else, but one of the best things about Michaelmas term in my honest opinion is the fact that Halloween is just a few weeks away! That means goofy costumes, gory-looking sweets, and the promise of pumpkin carving (I can tell you that this is literally one of the best things to do with newly-made friends, and a not-too-expensive activity considering you can grab a great pumpkin from Sainsbury’s or the Market Square for a reasonable price!)


And that’s not all – just a few days afer Halloween, it’s time to get excited for fireworks! The best firework display in Cambridge is undoubtedly the one hosted at Midsummer Common, this year on Saturday 4th November, with the display kicking off at 7:00 PM. Again, this is a fantastic opportunity to grab a few friends and roll up to watch. I have been for two years running now, and have never regretted standing in the cold once. The plus side is that there are usually a number of hot food stands at the ready if you get chilly!

Autumn walks

One of the places I always choose to go for a quick run or walk is to Grantchester Meadows, or indeed into Grantchester itself. It’s always a lovely walk no matter the weather, but with autumn now in full swing it’s especially lovely to see the trees slowly becoming barren of leaves, and to take a refreshing breather along the river whilst taking a break from study. I’d definitely recommend taking an hour out to see it for yourself, if you haven’t already – it’s a bit of a Cambridge favourite!


A great way to brighten your mood when the weather gets cold and it starts to get dark before you even finish your last lectures of the day, is to inject some colour into your room. A pop of colour, whether in your cushions, a chunky blanket or your bed covers can really inject some life into your living space and help with brightening your spirit after a commute home in the rain. I would recommend IKEA as the best place to buy some brightly coloured decorative pieces that won’t break your student budget.

Seasonal drinks

And finally, I can’t conclude this article without noting the amazing ranges of coffee that you can try in these upcoming winter months. Pumpkin spiced latte is of course a classic flavour of Starbucks, but just taking a gander into any other coffee shop should offer you a range of amazing autumnal choices to warm you up. Also a hot chocolate is a must if you’re feeling particularly bogged down with work (a particular favourite of mine is Caffé Nero, not overly exciting I know- but super yummy!) – just don’t forget to get cream on-top!