Column: A tried and tested guide to the LGBT+ dating scene

Alice King 9 October 2017

Compared to my suburban town on the outskirts of Greater Manchester, Cambridge often resembles a glorious sanctuary for LGBT+ people. Playing host to countless events dedicated to queer students and allies alike, the University makes it immensely easy to find other LGBT+ students and immensely difficult to avoid awkwardly bumping into five of your Tinder matches on the way to lectures. Though I am no guru, there is some personal wisdom I can share to make Michaelmas term as fun, queer and relaxed as possible: 

Firstly, Tinder. The app is great – though maybe lacking in some areas of inclusivity – for meeting other LGBT+ people. Though matching with someone in your college, especially in one that is small, is a recipe for an awkward disaster, such bold measures have produced success stories. Nevertheless, no matter how big it seems when you arrive, Cambridge will ensure that you constantly bump into those you have been trying to avoid. Especially in a small, congested aisle in Sainsbury’s. 

Secondly, running for LGBT+ Officer. This is a fabulous way to get involved with the Student Union at a less daunting level and to meet other college reps. Organising events within College is, by far, a more relaxed way of meeting queer students across the University. Alternatively, if student politics isn’t your thing, CUSU LGBT+ has put together a brilliant term card for Michaelmas, resplendent with inclusive events for drinkers and non-drinkers.  

Finally, the two club nights. New this year is the Tuesday LGBT+ night at Revolution, which will take place on the same day as Glitterbomb at Life (Kuda). With its really cool top-floor terrace, Revolution will most likely allow a lot more conversation than Life. The club nights will be great, safe spaces for LGBT+ people to come together, but by no means are they the only and best way to have queer fun.