Comfort Boxsets 1: Friends

Georgina Spittle 6 October 2014

Let’s start the term with a real classic. It usually takes me a while to start watching a new show: when I want to watch something I tend to stay in my comfort zone and re-watch the same programmes over and over, and Friends has been my longest companion. Thanks to E4’s constant repeats, and evenings where I would stay at home with my older sister, I got into Friends early. Obviously not then getting the majority of the jokes, I took enjoyment from the characters, the fast-paced and short episodes, and the fact that this was a TV show all about adults.

As I got older I picked up on the actual humour of the seasons, I took interest in the relationships and the problems they had: I often envied their lifestyle. Ten years, 236 episodes, and I’ve probably been watching it all for fifteen years. Friends is the TV show that never fails to make me laugh, cry, and cringe, and it still manages to surprise me even now. Friends quotes regularly make their way into my speech. What’s more, I even own a version of the game Ross invents that makes the girls lose their apartment in Series 4.