Company announces extravagant products for ‘Very Important Freshers’

Harriet Gordon and Colm Murphy 5 September 2014

Uni Baggage, a company known for shipping excess luggage around the UK, has recently launched a new service to help ‘VIFs’ (Very Important Freshers) make an unforgettable arrival at university.

Students can now take advantage of Uni Baggage’s luxury transport system, which they describe as ‘an action packed James Bond style expedition across the country’.

Students have a range of options to choose from, the most extravagant being use of a private jet for a steep £25,000. Prices start at £10,000 for a traditional horse and carriage entrance, and range between £15,000 and £18,000 for Ferraris, Aston Martins or a Rolls Royce.

 The company’s co-founder Paul Stewart claims they are meeting a new demand from an image-conscious client base, where students are keen to make a ‘first class impression’.

There have been no bookings as of yet, but Uni Baggage have stated they expect some over the next few weeks.

However this service has been criticised by figures such as Megan Dunn, Vice-President of NUS. Quoted in The Telegraph, she said: “This scheme seems incredibly out of touch with the lives of the majority of students… Many students starting university this month are facing a cost of living crisis”

Second year HSPS student Tom Wilson was not enthusiastic. “Not only would this reinforce the idea that university was not for ordinary people…[but] all a service like this would achieve would be to take money from students who evidently have too much and isolate them in the student body – and lose them friends.”

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