Conscious ball date released

Sophie Dickinson 9 October 2017
Image credit: Conscious: The Mental Health Charity Ball

Concious, the joint Oxbridge mental health charity ball, will be held on the 19th November.

A committee member added that there will be “lots of exciting food, drink, ents, an amazing secret location which people won’t know until they arrive… and we’re going to have another celebrity endorsement next week.”

The ball is also featuring creative mediums such as poetry, drawing, painting and digital art submitted to its Facebook page- more information is available here. Art will be shared on the event’s page prior to the 19th November, and be displayed at the ball itself.

The theme is art as a method of expressing your thoughts and feelings, perhaps as a way of helping dealing with difficult times, or explicitly about mental health.

More details about Conscious can be found here.