Console Wars Round 5: PC

Adam Drew 31 October 2013

Each week, a member of the TCS Team champions a video game console as their pick for "Most Important Console". This week, Adam Drew picks the PC.

My childhood was not filled with as much physical activity as it should have been. During school football matches, I preferred to commentate rather than risk participating in any way. On the upside, I did spend a great deal of time playing video games and I still managed to make some friends.

Whilst murdering friends on games like Goldeneye 007 on the N64 really built friendships, to me, there was no component about the N64 itself that set it aside from its competitors – the controllers seemed to have been designed for those with three arms, or the mildly telekinetic. It was the games that really defined them, but those consoles owed a huge amount to the first innovations made in PC gaming. Even now, PCs nurture creative talent via rich new indie game concepts. The PC didn’t have the same type of multiplayer appeal as its console rivals – LAN parties often have stereotypically nerdy connotations, but online communities allowed for more exciting multiplayer gaming, particularly if you found little games like Zombie Panic!: a game so ridiculous, no one could possibly take it too seriously.

Much of my gaming childhood was spent playing PC games, since there was so much more on offer: ancient classics like Doom and Abyss showed me types of interactive excitement that I’d never witnessed before. Whilst often underrated, PC gaming spawned the entire gaming industry and now leads with the way with games that border on the hyper-real for unimaginative individuals such as myself.