Controversial Cambridge College Programme summer school still set to return

Students swindled by shocking summer-camp scam 26 April 2013

Despite attempts to prevent the return of the Cambridge College Programme (CCP), the summer school still intends coming to Cambridge later this year as a pupil from the USA based National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) has recently been awarded a place on the scheme.

Bradley Ivan D’Souza, a student from Cincinnati, has been invited to attend the programme in 2013 in light of his highly successful academic performance. The Chairman of the NSHSS, Claes Nobel, commended the CCP summer school, commenting to local newspapers that: “The National Society of High School Scholars is very pleased to partner with The Cambridge College Programme, which promotes an outstanding experience for high school students to become immersed in the academic and cultural life of the University of Cambridge.”

The programme, as previously reported in The Cambridge Student (see ‘The Grinch Who Stole Cambridge’, 28/1/13 and ‘Fake Don’s Debt-dodging Summer Camp’, 17/1/13), is owned and run by Ms Taryn Edwards and offers talented scholars from across the world the opportunity to spend three weeks in Cambridge, living and studying at the University. However, the programme has attracted much negative attention as Ms Edwards frequently refuses to pay the Cambridge students who work for her.

Despite asking for confirmation from the University and individual colleges that they will not accommodate Ms Edwards and her students, TCS is yet to receive universal assurance that Ms Edwards will not be allowed to return this summer. Pembroke and Queens’ colleges have not stated whether they are willing to accommodate the CCP.

However, TCS understands that the programme and its founder have been experiencing financial difficulties which may partially explain why so many students have been, and still are, owed money by Ms Edwards. A source who wished to remain anonymous informed TCS that JP Morgan have initiated foreclosure proceedings on her home in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Jenny Buckley – News Editor

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