Cookbook essentials

Freya Saunders 30 January 2014

Vegetarian Nosh for Students is one of those rare cookbooks that actually understands students. It doesn't expect too much of us. None of the recipes require a set of scales, more than half an hour of patience or any level of skill, but this doesn’t detract from their tastiness or variety.

Classics like veggie bake and fajitas are interspersed with more niche dishes like sweet potato patties and aubergine and coconut curry, while all recipes are divided into handy categories, which include ‘broke but hungry’ and ‘something mum might cook’. There is also a version of the book for omnivores that is equally lauded.

But it’s the pages that sandwich the recipes that make this book a gem: one entitled “How long can I keep this before it kills me?” is particularly insightful. There’s also a surprisingly unpatronising guide to ‘the basics’ cooking rice and boiling eggs.

Joy May’s Nosh for Students range of books are sympathetic to us common, poor, impatient folk: they embrace versatility, slight shoddiness and non- boring nutrition and are a valuable addition to any student kitchen!